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Sistema WINS DBITS Categories



Sistema Technologies is proud to have been selected as one of the first, new DBITS contracted vendors by DIR according to theDIR Cooperative Contracts Program.  Our contract term begins this year, 2013, and we are excited to bring this news to all of our existing and prospective government clients.

During 2012, the Department of Information Resources (DIR) distributed an RFO to request responses from IT vendors for the purpose of creating a list of pre-approved vendors, based upon experience and references.  On December 23rd, 2012, Sistema Technologies was one of the first, new vendors awarded a contract under the DBITS solicitation.  The benefits to state agencies utilizing DBITS is that it allows them to go direct to vendors and ask the vendors to respond directly to the agency needs based upon a Statement of Work versus a lengthy RFO process.  The Statement of Work is developed by the agency team and outlines the services to be performed by the vendors and the fixed price cap for the project.

Sistema Technologies was awarded seven DBITS categories based upon services contract number DIR-SDD-1998 to include:

  • Application Maintenance & Support : includes the skills and requirements for supporting application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : is an amalgamation of an organization’s information systems designed to automate and integrate a variety of functions, commonly referred to as “back office”, including financials, human resources and asset management.
  • Project Management : utilizing the Customer’s tools and processes, using off-the-shelf tools, using Vendor’s own proprietary tools and processes to manage a project and using the Texas Project Delivery Framework.
  • Technology Upgrade/Migration & Transformation : Technology Upgrade/Migration may be required to increase business functionality, reengineer a business function, keep current with vendor upgrades or when upgrading existing technology. Technology Transformation may be accomplished by converting/migrating legacy applications to new technology either with or without new business functionality or it may include introducing new technology into the enterprise.
  • Information Technology Assessment & Planning : IT Assessments and Planning may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management and architecture. Strategic planning activities may include mission statement development, visioning and goals, objectives, and strategy development.
  • Application Development : means the development of new applications which may be mainframe, server, network-based, web-based or a combination.
  • Independent Verification and Validation : are independent procedures that are used together for in-depth analysis by checking that a product, service, or system meets 
    requirements and specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose.

Combining our DBITS (project) contract with our MBE/HUB certified status, you will benefit from a streamlined process allowing you to get more done with one, local vendor at a significantly lower cost and virtually no red tape.

We can’t wait to get started working for you.  Please Contact Usthrough our online e-mail form.

Customers purchasing services under this contract shall negotiate pricing directly with the vendor in accordance with the Customer’s Statement of Work. 
(Source: DBITS Contract Section 4.a – Customer Price)

Please follow the directions below for creating and submitting a Statement of Work 
for Sistema Technologies in accordance with our DBITS contract:

  • The customer must complete a Statement of Work (SOW) which must be in the form contained in Appendix C.
  • The customer should send the Statement of Work to at least three (3) vendors that offer the Technology Category requested.
  • The customer should negotiate pricing of deliverables directly with vendor.
  • The customer and vendor(s) may work together to improve the SOW.
  • The customer may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of the contract.
  • The vendor may only provide services in awarded Technology Categories.
  • In order to be awarded a Purchase Order hereunder, the vendor must respond, in writing, to a SOW for services as issued by customers, consistent with the Terms and Conditions of the contract.
  • The vendor may begin work ONLY after receiving:
  • a SOW signed by authorized representatives of both the customer and the vendor
  • AND the Purchase Order 
  • The value of any one SOW may not exceed $10 million including all extensions, renewals and change orders.

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