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Although we have only a 3% turnover rate during assignments, unexpected situations can occur. With over a decade of experience in IT staffing, Sistema Technologies is well versed in backfilling vacated positions. Once we are informed by our consultant as to their desire to leave their position, we perform the following activities:

  • Determine when the consultant will be leaving the engagement and find out the reason for leaving (job related, personal issues, etc.)
  • Attempt to negotiate with the existing consultant as to if they are willing to stay 2-4 weeks while a replacement is being found and to provide some time for knowledge transfer with the new consultant.
  • Notify the client.
  • Immediately begin the search for a new consultant (bench first, open market second).
  • Attempt to find a replacement with similar skills at a negotiated rate that is close to the rate of the individual vacating the position.
  • Present candidate(s) to the client.
  • Introduce the new consultant to our internal, onsite team.
  • Explain to the team their responsibility to bringing the new consultant up to speed quickly and to provide significant support so they can quickly begin contributing to the team’s goals.

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