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Government agencies have a significant number of challenges when it comes to working within designated budgets. Unlike companies who can look at revenue and profit and determine that more investment in IT can be made, government agencies are provided their budgets by state or local governments and once appropriated there is really no going back to the well. However, just because there is no more money doesn’t mean that IT project requests will stop or state, capital or local mandates won’t require changes to be made to online applications and services provided to the general public. In addition, special grants for projects have to be used with certain strict guidelines and processes that can elongate the development process and put projects behind schedule.

Therefore, state and local government agencies, more so than even private sector companies, truly have to try and get more done with less and by publicized deadlines.

Sistema Technologies has a great deal of experience dealing with government agencies and understands how to work with IT managers who are facing the challenges mentioned above. Listening is critical. When working with IT managers within government agencies, we take the time to truly understand the scope, deadline and budget for the initiative and then very carefully craft a team of consultants who fit the need. Sometimes we may suggest fewer, higher priced/higher skilled consultants to get a critical project completed faster. The same money is spent whether using more skilled resources in a shorter period of time or less skilled resources over a longer period of time. Other times we may stabilize a base rate across a set of consultants so that the manager can bring on more resources for a set rate (i.e. seven JAVA programmers with 5-7 years of experience all for one, set hourly rate). Other times, block pricing makes the most sense, where multiple IT managers needing the same type of resources will purchase a block of hours for a certain skill set and then draw down on the hours as they are used over a set period of time. The point is, we understand the challenges faced by government IT managers and have created various staffing models to work within virtually any environment.

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